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Kimmie’s First Shoot: Play with Balloon

Kimmie in her skirt that barely fit her ass, she began blowing this balloon until she felt herself getting a head rush, I allowed her to tie it off and play with the balloon. She wanted to ride it but so afraid it was going to pop. She finally go on it with her pink panty ass hanging out of her skirt, still a bit concerned. I reassure her it would be fine and with that she hops on the balloon to give it the ride of a lifetime. Little did I know it would be the balloons last life.

Natasha & Raina Ride Multiple Balloon ‘Til They Pop

Natasha and Raina are at the end of their day, and they are surrounded by balloons.  They ask if they could pop the remaining balloons, these girls love riding balloons to their end.  So I gave them the ok to do the balloons in and boy did these girls have a great time crushing balloon after balloon with their nice round asses.  They bounced, rode hard, destroying 1 balloon after the next until they came across old yellow, who wanted to stick around for a little while.  They took turns, one after the other, with no success, then they tag team the helpless balloon, on would pounce down while the other went into the air.  Finally they put their teamwork together and rode the balloon as a combined team.  The balloon had no choice, it was just a matter of time with these too nice asses upon it.

Natasha & Raina’s Balloon Competition

Natasha and Raina were talking smack to each other about who could blow up and pop their balloon the fastest.  As the competition got on the way Natasha was blowing Raina out of the water with blowing up the balloon.  Natasha having a bit of a heart for Raina decided to keep blowing up her balloon until Raina caught up.  Then Raina passed her, Now Raina is in the lead, Natasha isn’t far behind, but she stumbles when it is time for the tie off, but Raina showed Natasha the same respect and let her catch up.  Now it’s time to pop the balloons by doing nothing but riding the balloons as hard as they could.  Natasha a small petite frame but a nice round ass, whereas Raina is a bit thicker, not by much grant you, her booty is popping out of her panties as they take off riding the balloons.  Who will win you wonder?  Well purchase now to see the winner and see who gets their ass spanked, literally.

Natasha’s Sexy Ride On Big Black

This girl was so slim that the balloons were bigger than her.  Watch as she tries to thigh squeeze this 20 inch balloon, as she continue to blow up her balloon, a lot of air for such a tiny chick, it must be all in her breast.  Watch her tits jiggle as she pounces on the balloon and rides the life out of it.

Raina Monroe Takes On Big Black

Raina Monroe has a nice big ass, that would fit perfect on a nice big black balloon. I couldn’t wait to see her juicy ass jiggle on that balloon and when she climb on and began to ride it, I was very excited, see her ass bounce up and down, as she physically form the balloon to fit the big ass of her perfectly. Nice balloon ass riding in this clip.