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Butt Naked Jen’s Bed Of Balloons

With a bed full of balloons Jens jumps in hands first and butt ass naked. She takes the clear balloon and runs it along the contour of her body allowing you to peep at her breast and then down to her hairy red pussy. Looking through the balloon at those tits and pussy was very hot. Then she begins to ride the balloons, bend them roll over on, wrapping them around her body and then taking her sweet time popping one after the other in a such Jen way of popping balloons. Watch as she rides this one balloon omg it was so hot. It was an extreme turn on. Watching her rub pussy on the balloon and moaning…getting excited just thinking about. Just watch the clip…enjoy it as much as I did.

Red Head Jen Plays With Big Blue

Red Head Jen is no stranger to blowing up and playing with big balloons so I put her mouth, jaws and her lungs to the test.  I gave her a balloon, told her to blow it up to full size, knowing that once it is at it complete size it will be as long as her.  She drew in one time and began to blow up the balloon and with ease and a lot of air she quickly got it to full size; she tied it off and then began to play with it. She started out rolling around on the bed with it, and then whiles on her back slips it between her thighs flush against her bare pussy so she could enjoy feeling her crotch brush against the text of the balloon.  Once she got all the pleasure she wanted out of it, she climbed on top of the balloon and rode it until it popped beneath her she a gush of air straight to her uncover twat.

Schoolgirl Jen Rides The Big One

School girl Jen now feeling more confident about what she is doing moves into blowing up a really large balloon. Watch as this frail little Jen blows up this balloon almost to the point of popping it. Seeing the point of explosion she ties the balloon up and begins to play around with it. Excited by the feeling of the balloon she decides to take it for a ride. The balloon is nearly as large as she is but she finds some way to get on top of it and ride it until it pops underneath sending a rush of air and a quick sting to her tiny red haired pussy. She even inadvertently gives you a little no panty upskirt moment. She hates wearing any type of  underwear because “they just get in her way”.  You have got to love your naturalist :) !