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Milfie Andie Rides Big Black

The Holt MILF Andie is back at it again, sitting on the bed with her long black hair falling down her back, wearing a black dress and holding a big black deflated balloon. Sitting there amazed at the size of this balloon she begins to start blowing into the balloon, increasing the balloon size, finally she ties it off, and begins to enjoy the fruits of her labor, throwing it in the air, kicking around until she finally moves over to the bed, she shreds out of her dress, and gets down to business, taking balloon between her thighs squeezing it as to squeeze the life out of it, then popping it out and into the air, bouncing it around, then underneath her bare ass where she rides it like a cowgirl tiding a bull in a rodeo.

Milfie Andie Bed Of Balloons

Milfie Andie is butt naked, sitting upright in the bed, her long black hair flowing down her back, and breast fully exposed and what do you see before her, just lying there waiting to be touch, her bed of balloons.  She jumps right in, like a little school girl, taking the balloons and throwing them up I the air, giggling as she plays with them.  She now goes for her clear balloon, press one of her breast against it allowing you to view her tit through the balloon, then switches the other breast and then down to her pussy.  Next she grabs her blue balloon, stands up and presses her feet into the balloon, and then she squeezes the balloon between her thighs.  There’s just so much action in this video I can’t cover it all!

Milfie Andie Plays with Green Balloon (Pure Riding Version)

Milfie Andie has completely blown up the balloon, tied it off and just focuses on riding the green balloon.  This is the same video as below except it is just a all out riding clip.

Milfie Andie Plays with Green Balloon (Full Version)

Milfie Andie is performing her first balloon shoot, so I decided to take it easy on her and give her a 14 inch balloon to blow up.  I figured this would be a good testing size for her; she stretches the balloon out, grabs it around the neck, places the mouth piece in her mouth and begins to inflate the balloon.  To my surprise she had the balloon completely inflated less than a minute, what a pair of lungs on her.  She ties off the balloon, throws it in the air, grabs it out of the air, runs it along her face, down to her feet where it end up between her thighs, she squeezes the balloon as if to squeeze the life out of it and then releases it, allowing it survive and that is just the beginning.

Savannah Blow It ‘til It Pops

The gorgeous, petite blonde Savannah is sitting on the bed, her perky breast reveal, her body completely exposed, and her long blonde hair falling down her back side, as she sits there with a white balloon in her hands.  She is wondering if she has enough air to blow the balloon up until it pops, she sure is willing to give it a try.  Just starts to blow it up and decides she isn’t quite ready as she releases the air along her pussy, the rush of air felt good to her.  She starts to blow it up again and half way through decides to let the air out against her nipples.  She Begins blowing it up again, will she make it all the way through this time?